Rentals are ready to take the baby gear industry by storm.

Align with
customer needs

It's no secret that most baby gear is used for short periods of times, and that many parents strive to borrow the items they need from friends and family.

The baby gear industry is gradually realizing that it can help parents enjoy their preferred items on their own terms – while increasing profit margins.

Unlock the rental revenue stream

Integrating into your eCommerce and providing logistic support so you can easily rent your products to your customers.

New Customers

Reach out to untapped audiences and engage customers who want to enjoy the things they love, without having to own them.

Inventory Potential

Transform returned inventory into new revenue streams. Plan ahead for supply chain shortages. Enhance the profit potential of countless items in stock.

Brand Awareness

By offering a unified rental experience on your online store, your brand is embracing sustainable values that speak to today's consumers.

Customer Loyalty

By providing exciting rental & resale options, every transaction builds a long-term relationship with your customers.

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